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Berlin is the vibrant, pulsing heart of Europe with a dynamic population, cultural diversity, extensive night life and has become a “magnet” for artists, expats and people of all ages and backgrounds.  It is a city full of contrast with historical architecture mingling with bold new modern buildings; extensive green space surrounding major business and government areas; and an eclectic mix of venues that appeal to every taste!  For an incentive group with multiple off-site group functions, Berlin has an outstanding variety of options that highlight many of the major moments in its history.

Dating back to the time of Prussian kings and queens, Charlottenburg Palace is a grand historical building that is the perfect setting for a gala evening. The Palace is the last remaining castle within the city limits and was built at the end of the 17th century by King Friedrich I for his wife Sophie Charlotte. This stunning palace is in the final stages of a complete restoration that will be completed in 2018. The incredible guest rooms, porcelain room and chapel will be open to guests for their viewing pleasure. The Orangerie at Charlottenburg Palace is the ideal setting for an evening fit for a king and queen with beautiful banquet space with access to extensive gardens.  In a city with few remaining historical properties, Charlottenburg Palace is an important link to its past and a fantastic setting for an incentive group.

In the 1960s, during the Cold War, two venues were ‘born’ that have since become unique opportunities to showcase Berlin and its history.  The Classic Remise Berlin, a center for vintage cars, was opened in 2003 in a historic tram depot.  After the tram system was abandoned in then West-Berlin in the 1960s, the depot did not serve any purpose and it fell into decay. In 2002 the present owners purchased it and have transformed it into a classic car center.  The building now houses garages, dealerships and services for classic cars and a large restaurant and banquet venue that is perfect for incentive groups.  Guests can enjoy cocktails while mingling among these unbelievable vehicles followed by dinner and dancing both indoors and out.  Classic Remise also boasts an extensive outdoor patio that is the perfect setting for a bier garten!

For smaller incentive groups, the PanAm Lounge offers the opportunity to step back in time to the grand days of travel. Located on the 10th floor penthouse of the Eden Haus apartment building overlooking the Berlin Zoological Garden, the lounge once served as a private gathering spot for flight attendants and pilots who worked for Pan American World Airways. During the Cold War, no German airlines were permitted to use the Berlin air corridors and West Berlin was served by Pan Am, British Airways and Air France; airlines representing the Western allies. The rooftop lounge was furnished for the amusement and distraction of pilots and stewardesses, many of whom also had apartments below.  When the Cold War ended, Pan Am went out of business and the lounge was forgotten. This unique space is now an event venue that has preserved history with much of the original fixtures in place.  It is certainly an experience like no other!

Finally, representing the modern age influence in architecture in Berlin, the stunning Frank O. Gehry-designed AXICA is a stark contrast to the historical venues of the city.  Designed to look like a whale breaching, AXICA is a beautiful glass, metal and wooden structure that is ideally located in the DZ Bank building right next to the Adlon Kempinski and the Brandenburg Gate.  Incentive groups can begin their evening by walking through the famed Gate, a very important part of Berlin’s history, into a grand courtyard.  This modern venue surrounded by historical monuments is the perfect example of the contrasts in the city.  The main function room, the Forum, features a breathtaking glass ceiling with glass-formed clouds that creates a dramatic effect when flooded with light.

These are but a sample of the many unique venues offered in and around Berlin.  This exciting city has much to offer incentive groups and is sure to have the perfect venue to host your event!

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